Two Rabbits Outsmart an Owl

A Canadian Inuit legend

There once lived an owl who was very powerful and would brag to others about how smart and strong he was.

One day the owl saw two rabbits playing close together and thought, “I should catch these two rabbits and my friend and I can have them for a nice meal.”

The owl swooped down to the ground straight for the two rabbits. He grabbed a rabbit with the talons on each foot, so that he had the two in his grasp.

The rabbits were smart and strong and began to run.

The owl’s friend saw what was happening and shouted, “Let one of rabbits go, and just keep the other one!”

The owl replied, “The moon will soon appear, and then we shall be hungry. We need both of them!”

The rabbits ran on. When they came to a big rock, one ran to the right side of it, while the other ran to the left side. The powerful owl was not able to let go quickly enough and was torn in two.

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